Boozeday Toosday: Frying Okra Like A Boss.

I write to relax when the day gets long
3 shots of whiskey and 2 rips from the bong

Drowning in poison and righting a wrong
I turn on my ipod and crank up the song
Stress has consumed my shoulders and back
I need a massage worse than Tyrone Biggums needs crack

Frying some okra and I manage to break the tongs
On the floor of the bathroom are some leftover thongs
If sinning paid royalty, then I would be blessed to the core
If I stay more sober, then I won’t wake up to a whore

Whores are fun and help pass the time
And, apparently, I like my women as cheap as my wine
When will I grow up, or settle down as they say
If only I could see my future as well as the NSA


Fuck Bitches.  Get Okra.


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