Friction in society.  The sheep try to graze.

Generalized anxiety.  Gaza is ablaze.

Redundant irony.  I hope it’s just a phase

Undeniable variety.  A new minority a day.

Wealth isn’t something that sparkles or shines

Courage isn’t something that you can simply inscribe

Wit is an understanding that is a gift and a curse

Patience isn’t exactly measured in net worth

Many skills acquired. A few will quickly be forgot

Most things you learn in school aren’t as important as learning to tie a palomar knot

I need only shelter, water and bread

A little chocolate here and there and some slow head

Life is simple when you finally get her by the throat

With so much water on earth all you need is a boat

A bathing suit and a nice peacoat

Your toiletry items and a preferably a small tote

A change of underwear and two pairs of socks

Lots of booze, some pot, and a couple of rocks

A lighter for the drugs and some ice for the sauce

The breeze and the humidity will quickly make you lost









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