Thanks for six teachers. They know who they are. Thanks for booze. At home or at a bar. Thanks for the sun. It keeps the glass half full. Thanks for football and shooting the bull. Thanks for macaroni and sweet potato pie. Thanks for three women that never heard me lie. Thanks for opportunity and systematic love. Thanks for vacations. Thanks for that coach. Thanks for carnivals and a leftover roach. Thanks for bad decisions of no consequence at all. Thanks for staying the course and not dropping the ball. Thanks for what I’ve seen and not forgetting it all. Thanks for moms and pops for all that they do. Thanks for the future. Thanks for the past. Thanks for all the times we spend together in my dreams. Thanks on top of thanks for everyone I’ve ever seen.

*You don’t build old men’s dreams on young men’s backs.
*Simply put is complexly received.
*Good food doesn’t make company.

Long Tuesdays. Good Green.

Stimulation of a mind is better than sex. Manipulation is blind, a soul complex.

One inch of rain equals ten inches of snow. Blowjobs in the morning were meant to go slow.

Fireplaces and peaches. Chocolate and silk. Whiskey and syrup. Cookies and milk.

Anticipation is the worst fear of all. The 20th of December is the last day of Fall.

*Everything is funny until someone doesn’t laugh.
*Loyalty is a great liability.
*Part of accepting someone’s money is doing as you are told.
*Manipulated minds make for unpleasant dreams.
*It takes 1 year to get to know someone, 2 years to “sell” them and 3 seconds to lose them forever.
*Whenever I’m having a good day I like to remind myself that Marshawn Lynch was accepted to Berkeley, but I wasn’t.

Cold Rain and Warm Beer

To conform is to settle.To lust is to love. The world is a petal. It is just waiting to bud.

Perception so vivid that it is cast in dye. Reflection of a time that has passed me by. If I were an emotional person I might even cry. Instead, I have another sip without batting an eye.

On rainy mornings I ponder those rights and many wrongs. I enjoy cooking my breakfast and rocking out to ignorant 90’s songs. For sometimes that place can camouflage the weak. When truthfully you are only a small pebble at the top of the creek.

And that’s deep, yet not nearly as deep as my sin.
And at what point does sin simply become a routine? If I were slightly religious, I would question the means. If We believed in things, Martin wouldn’t be the only one with a dream.

Dream we shall. Reflect we might. If it doesn’t trouble you so, would you turn out the light?

*Never hate your enemy. It effects your judgement.
*The richest man is the one with the most powerful friends.
*Irony: the opposite of wrinkly.
*You can go to jail for spanking your kid too hard. Remind me what happens to parents who don’t discipline their kids?
*Boxing and MMA should offer tag team events. Perhaps, even a Royale Rumble. Seriously.
*Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.
*Internet courage is like a cover 2 corner. When you have help over the top, you feel a lot better about yourself.
*The difference between stupidity and intelligence is that there is a limit to intelligence.
*Women won’t truly be equal until you can hit them without causing an uproar.