Cold Rain and Warm Beer

To conform is to settle.To lust is to love. The world is a petal. It is just waiting to bud.

Perception so vivid that it is cast in dye. Reflection of a time that has passed me by. If I were an emotional person I might even cry. Instead, I have another sip without batting an eye.

On rainy mornings I ponder those rights and many wrongs. I enjoy cooking my breakfast and rocking out to ignorant 90’s songs. For sometimes that place can camouflage the weak. When truthfully you are only a small pebble at the top of the creek.

And that’s deep, yet not nearly as deep as my sin.
And at what point does sin simply become a routine? If I were slightly religious, I would question the means. If We believed in things, Martin wouldn’t be the only one with a dream.

Dream we shall. Reflect we might. If it doesn’t trouble you so, would you turn out the light?

*Never hate your enemy. It effects your judgement.
*The richest man is the one with the most powerful friends.
*Irony: the opposite of wrinkly.
*You can go to jail for spanking your kid too hard. Remind me what happens to parents who don’t discipline their kids?
*Boxing and MMA should offer tag team events. Perhaps, even a Royale Rumble. Seriously.
*Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.
*Internet courage is like a cover 2 corner. When you have help over the top, you feel a lot better about yourself.
*The difference between stupidity and intelligence is that there is a limit to intelligence.
*Women won’t truly be equal until you can hit them without causing an uproar.


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