Long Tuesdays. Good Green.

Stimulation of a mind is better than sex. Manipulation is blind, a soul complex.

One inch of rain equals ten inches of snow. Blowjobs in the morning were meant to go slow.

Fireplaces and peaches. Chocolate and silk. Whiskey and syrup. Cookies and milk.

Anticipation is the worst fear of all. The 20th of December is the last day of Fall.

*Everything is funny until someone doesn’t laugh.
*Loyalty is a great liability.
*Part of accepting someone’s money is doing as you are told.
*Manipulated minds make for unpleasant dreams.
*It takes 1 year to get to know someone, 2 years to “sell” them and 3 seconds to lose them forever.
*Whenever I’m having a good day I like to remind myself that Marshawn Lynch was accepted to Berkeley, but I wasn’t.


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