Thanks for six teachers. They know who they are. Thanks for booze. At home or at a bar. Thanks for the sun. It keeps the glass half full. Thanks for football and shooting the bull. Thanks for macaroni and sweet potato pie. Thanks for three women that never heard me lie. Thanks for opportunity and systematic love. Thanks for vacations. Thanks for that coach. Thanks for carnivals and a leftover roach. Thanks for bad decisions of no consequence at all. Thanks for staying the course and not dropping the ball. Thanks for what I’ve seen and not forgetting it all. Thanks for moms and pops for all that they do. Thanks for the future. Thanks for the past. Thanks for all the times we spend together in my dreams. Thanks on top of thanks for everyone I’ve ever seen.

*You don’t build old men’s dreams on young men’s backs.
*Simply put is complexly received.
*Good food doesn’t make company.


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