King Me

The clock is ticking
So few understand
Without a war we haven’t a leg to stand
Our media is corrupt
Journalism no more
Our own President seems like a hypocritical whore

Sony is a screen
Social media smoke if you will
That sound on your roof likely isn’t reindeer
And why panic now
You laughed all along
What fun is there in proving someone wrong
Now enjoy Christmas
Be merry and junk
Maybe Santa will have 18 trillion in the trunk

*Occasionally, religion gets in the way of common sense.
*Those requiring proof of forthcoming storms are found dead after the storm passes.
*Intelligence is its own handicap.
*Scratch a lie. Find a thief.
*Skeet happens. Wipe and move on.
*If a deaf kid swears, does his mother wash his hands with soap?
*Digging up the past makes your hands dirty.