Sensational Semantics

Grey is only grey until sheet hits the fan. A dollar is only a dollar until the shifts in the sand. Then, a lighter is worth two pies and some booze. And, Daddy isn’t coming home with a new pair of shoes.

Slivers of gold mixed with sparkling wine. I spent a year there that night before I even cracked the blinds. Breaking the mold, her soul devine. She liked to be choked and taken from behind.

So, grasp her ass, grab a glass. Pretentious players show some class. Grab a lil’ grass, flaunt that sass. Timorous guys crank out crass. Supply the mass, catch some bass. Keep the glass half full and don’t clog your vass.

*The key to a woman’s heart doesn’t have a kia logo on it.
*Remember when liberation was as simple as coloring or chopping off your hair?
*Doing the right thing for the wrong reason is no better than doing the wrong thing for the right reason.


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