A Note To My Illigitimate Child

Two times a lady. Three times a charm. Seven times is Gospel. Better sound the alarm. Love is poetic. Life is blunt. Death is sporadic. A sacrifice bunt. Birth is genetic. Dying is a cunt. Knowledge is apathetic. Ignorance a punt. All things considered. Going with your gut. Look both ways. Don’t get caught in a rut. Wash your hands often and brush your teeth twice a day. If anyone tries to punk you then dance and jab like Cassius Clay. Honor the veterans that you meet and give thanks when it’s due. Before passing judgement, consider life in their shoes. Never forget where you came from. Or those you step on while you grow. Always use manners and putt for your dough. Optimism and perspective sprinkled with brown sugar and cream. Keep your chin up and try to wait for the seam. Trouble comes in threes so never double down. Whenever I come to visit make sure you have some Crown. Mess up early and often. Ask questions until they’re annoyed. Wear gloves to pick cotton. Always try to stay employed.

Above all find religion and faith of some kind by any means. Keep one in the chamber and treat two women like Queens.


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