Focus Pocus

Tea bags and breaststrokes. Limp noodles and okey dokes. Clocks wound. Caps hung. At least, respect your anthem. And, stop blaming others for your own faults. Learn to man up and walk the fucking walk. Get off social media. Get back to life. Enjoy what you have. Stop fighting the wrong fight.

Mindless midgets suppressing their moments of fame. Countless cunts simply following the same. Who should we blame? It’s not me or I. There must be a scapegoat to smack in the eye?

Prodded and provoked. An act of war invoked. One desperate gasp as you are being choked. Asleep or awoke. A victim of a cloak. The only way out is to soak in your yoke.

Practice what you preach. Better yet, don’t preach, just practice. Get better each day. Nonsense shouldn’t distract us.

Focus on your goals. Thank those who help. Give back to some. Accumulate the proper kind of wealth.

Sensational Semantics

Grey is only grey until sheet hits the fan. A dollar is only a dollar until the shifts in the sand. Then, a lighter is worth two pies and some booze. And, Daddy isn’t coming home with a new pair of shoes.

Slivers of gold mixed with sparkling wine. I spent a year there that night before I even cracked the blinds. Breaking the mold, her soul devine. She liked to be choked and taken from behind.

So, grasp her ass, grab a glass. Pretentious players show some class. Grab a lil’ grass, flaunt that sass. Timorous guys crank out crass. Supply the mass, catch some bass. Keep the glass half full and don’t clog your vass.

*The key to a woman’s heart doesn’t have a kia logo on it.
*Remember when liberation was as simple as coloring or chopping off your hair?
*Doing the right thing for the wrong reason is no better than doing the wrong thing for the right reason.